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My name is Warna(kulasuriya) Fernando (Bony DJ) and was born in Moratuwa. I have composed and recorded few songs using eletcronic synthersizers, organ and with the help of various computer software. The styles of the songs are mostly Dance Club, Rap and Techno. All songs are sung by me and are my original compositions including lyrics. These songs give real new flavour to the Sinhala music scene. I was the first to make a Sinhala CD available on the internet to download.(November 1999) you can contact me by email: Please listen to the Full songs in MP3 format in CD quality for your listening pleasure.

Click on the following to listen or download FREE in MP3 format .

Mangoge Duwa
Donna Babakkata
Padi Dine
Vasi Dinayaka
Angara Dangara
Dina Pahak
Kellakuge Adaraya
Ruhunu Kumari
Koheda Massine
Punsanda Paaya

ALSO I have included some Sinhala Karoke songs made by me for you to download and enjoy.Click here